YEEZY 450 Cloud White – An Exoskeleton For Your Feet

As we get closer to the release of the YEEZY 450, we have an exclusive early review for the website. This new model, as most YEEZYs tend to has a lot of new and innovative features that always make a splash throughout the entire sneaker industries including a 3D Printed sole made in Germany. From technology to structure to aesthetic this shoe feels like a piece of the future.

This new innovative sneaker features some of the newest and most fascinating sneaker technology we have ever seen on any shoe, with a venom-like exoskeleton structure consuming your foot. This means that your first wear might feel a little snug, but as the knit adapts to your feet it ensures for a more personalized perfect fit as the knit adapts to your exact needs over time, the shoe still provides an unmatched aesthetic that is sure to make you stand out from the rest…

As you can get an idea from the pictures above, the YEEZY 450 features a new, much slimmer box design compared to what we have come to expect from the YEEZY brand. The box is still made out of cardboard and adorns the model name on the top and descriptors and a size tag on the back and front of the shoe.

The YEEZY 450‘s most eye catching and contemporary feature comes as the sole unit. The sole unit constructed out of EVA foam (comparable to FOAM RUNNERS) moves up your foot to also become a mid-foot cage. This sole unit was also like a by-product of the future being completely 3D Printed in Germany, the home base for Adidas.

At the bottom of the shoe we have a new sole model to the YEEZY line. The sole features wave-like ripples moving up the shoe from the bottom towards the top where an embossed adidas sportswear logo can be found (the only logo visible on the entire model).

This foam is very soft but still structured for a perfect underfoot experience. Contrary to the sole, the midsole features arches around every «claw» that wraps up your foot, these points do tend to expand underfoot with your steps to give you a more stable ride.

Moving up the shoe, the «claws» of the midsole move up to hug your feet to create a midfoot cage, that as your wear the shoe expands to give you a more personalized fit.

The shoe model due to the stretchy but tight fabric that has been fused onto the one-piece sole unit, has a pretty slim fit, due to the structure of the model you should definitely go at least one half size up from your true size. As we mentioned before the shoe does adapt to your feet and specific needs over some wear which makes the shoe have that perfect fit.

The knit used on the shoe is rugged but still stretchy and comfortable, like what we have come to expect from the YEEZY line from other models like the 350 or 380.

The lacing system is also a part of the upper, instead of holes in towards the shoe, the knit eyelets exist on top of the shoe. The knit has a different and thicker formation around those eyelets to help keep their shape for extensive wear. At the ankle area, where your foot goes into the shoe, there is a stretchy sock like collar. This gives you easy access in and out of the sneaker whilst still providing great support.

On the inside of the sneaker, where the midsole unit is fused onto the upper, you can feel a change in texture to a smooth rubber-like one from the knit on the rest of the shoe. There is also some knit that is slightly a different color, that has some added support elements around the heel of the shoe, this allows for the otherwise sock like structure to maintain shape and stiffness around the heel.

The insole has a soft underfoot experience using Ortholite technology like many other YEEZYs before it, but contrary to other models has a flip under tag which is also new for YEEZY models.

The YEEZY 450 «Cloud White» is slated to release this Saturday, March 6 in full family sizing for a retail price of $200 .

As always for more updates on upcoming YEEZY footwear, keep it locked to YM, and all of our social media channels.

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