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The History of The YEEZY 700 Line

Ever since their introduction in the Summer of 2017 the YEEZY 700 models have become a fan favorite. Despite being given no chances at first by many, the four iterations bearing the 700 name have all proved their worth. So, how did Kanye brought back the dad shoe trend and turned it into one of his most popular silhouettes ? To celebrate the upcoming launch of the YEEZY BOOST 700 v2 «Cream», we’re going to take a quick look at the story of the 700s.


So, we find ourselves in February 2017.

The long-awaited Yeezy Season 5 presentation takes place. Mr. West showcases all sorts of out-there outerwear, including the polarizing military-inspired colorways. But one sneaker has the entire community talking like few ever did before. The YEEZY BOOST 700 OG, or The Wave Runner, called YEEZY Runner at this stage. As usual with many of Kanye’s ideas, the shoe is criticized. This time for its dad-shoe looking design.

Needless to say, all of these impressions wore off very quickly after the sneaker finally released onto the world as a pre-order in August 2017, and after most people got their pairs in early November 2017. Nearly the entire sneaker community got immediately stoked for the 700, especially when many celebrities were spotted with them.

Other brands in high fashion showed similar enthusiasm, many even going as far as starting their own «chunky dad shoes» lines after seeing the 700 OG leak out.


So, what’s next for the 700 silhouette? Well, a «Wave Runner» restock in March was obviously due, seeing the humongous demand.

However, not much more was said in terms of new colorways. But, as we all know, Kanye was just getting started.

The YEEZY BOOST 700 «Mauve» released on October 27th, 2018. This more dark oriented colorway (which is a pattern we see a lot with Yeezys, releasing a more light model first, then a dark one – look no further than the new Yeezy 450s), features a lot more browns and blacks, and the bright orange panels from the OG switched with a neon green one.

So, now after two widely successful colorways it would be logical to settle down and sell the same silhouette over and over again. But Mr. West had a different vision.

December 29th 2018, the Yeezy 700 v2 «Static» were released. Not even three v1 models in, Kanye already decided to switch things up and give us a second version of the 700 silhouette. This time centering it around the more «soft» look and focusing on the reflective stripes. Needless to say, this colorway was also a runaway success.


2019 was the year the 700 really took off. Following the mere 3 unique colorways in 2017-2018, 2019 brought us an astounding 13 drops. I won’t obviously go through every single one, however let me highlight some of my favorites, and the ones with the biggest impact on the brand.

One of my personal favorites has always been YEEZY BOOST 700 «Inertia«. Despite the v2 silhouette being available, Kanye was still very much interested in continuing the OG. The result were the many iconic colorways released in 2019, Inertia being one of them. This time featuring a blue colored body and peachy midsoles, this colorway was allegedly inspired by a sunset color palette.

The model originally released in March 2019, also seeing a remake in September 2019, this time as a v2 silhouette. 

Being released at the height of West’s «Sunday Service» performances, this «pure» model of the Yeezy 700 features more beige tones. Straying away from the reflective midsoles of the previous models, this one features very pleast and no-less eye catching grey accents. This «Analog» version of the 700s definitely has many fans, and I can call myself one for sure.

The last 700 V1 from 2019 I wanted to have a look at here is «Magnet». While it may seem similar to the «Wave Runner», the unique materials and darker shades make it stand out as one of the boldest, yet easy to wear colorways of the 700s.

The «wave» cutout on the sole present on all 700 v1 and v2 models stands out the most here in my opinion, providing that amazing slice of grey. This sneaker truly makes you feel like surfing in a factory with vibrant orange magnets (a unique vibe, for sure).

For a few of my favorite v2s, I’ve always had an appreciation for both the «Tephra» and «Geode» colorways. This earth-inspired version of the sneaker, with a tiny bit brighter colors compared to the «Geode».  The «Geode» was sold through home-made lemonade stands, in various states in US.


So, the first v3s dropped, we have a full range of 700s to choose from now, nothing to do but relax and pop out new colorways of existing models, right? Well, not in Kanye’s world. Less than two months after the release of the «Azaels», Kanye got another new silhouette up in his sleeve.

The YEEZY BOOST 700 MNVN. Stylised abbreviation for Minivan. This version of the 700 has many unique characteristics, including the huge «700» print in reflective material, and often the use of bright colors (not on this model though). It released on February 8th, 2020, for $220 in select key cities only.

We’ve only gotten three other MNVN colorways so far (new ones are coming this year though). The only real difference between them is the main upper color used.

The MNVN models pretty much covered the first half of 2020 for the 700 name. The second half was mostly dominated by the v3s, a few of which I’ll showcase here.

The first 700 of the second half of 2o20 was «Arzareth». Released on August 29th, this bright-blue version of the silhouette attracted many new and returning sneakerheads. The model is truly brave and eye-catching, and yet easy to fit at the same time.

The now iconic v3 stripes underneath the alien shell contrast browns with bright blue ones. The big white sole also does wonders to making this colorway feel like liquid.

The flowery YEEZY 700 v3 «Safflower» released on November 14th 2020. This time featuring bright, shining yellow stripes underneath a white shell, this model attracted a more «soft» audience.

The beige sole nicely transforms into the material grey spots, which then contrast with the white and black. Surely a softer model than most 700s before it, the «Safflower» stands out as one of the brightest spots in the model’s short history.


So, what will 2021 bring for the 700? We still don’t know the full extent of the schedule, however we do know that Kanye’s trying to balance the schedule out more. 2020 only featured MNVN and v3 models, and 2021 is already shaping to be totally different. We have seen the 700 v1 «Sun» release in January:

The YEEZY 700 v3 «Kyanite» releasing March 27:

The YEEZY BOOST 700 v2 «Cream» is set to release this week-end on March 13th:

And the 700 MNVN «Bright Cyan» is set to release during this spring and the 700 V1 Bright Blue as well :

There will surely be more 700 releases and surprises to come this year. And who knows, maybe Kanye will randomly drop a new model.

Well, for all those news and more, keep it here, on YM.

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